In the cold weather of this year, when I came back home following a haircut, We examined personally in the reflection and observed a small, elevated, dark brown ofensa with indistinct borders within the final 3rd of the right eyebrow. Having observed, diagnosed, biopsied, confirmed as well as surgically eliminated hundreds of cancer lesions inside my professional profession, I knew which i was in large trouble.

The Dermatologist do a strike biopsy from the lesion that came back through the lab good, as a Cancerous Melanoma. Simultaneously, he biopsied several skin lesions on my back again, and the outcomes came back from your lab because positive with regard to multiple Fondamental Cell carcinomas. He wished to surgically eliminate these lethal lesions, irradiate the sites, as well as prescribed a number of courses of radiation treatment. I stated yes towards the surgeries however no for the radiation and also chemotherapy.

Then i thought this prudent to obtain an delayed and complete actual physical exam through my Common Physician. Together with a spike within my white bloodstream cell count number, which was easy to understand due to our bodies a reaction to these subtle cancers, this PSA degree had improved from second . 4 to five. 9 which usually indicated an issue with my very own prostate human gland, as any reading through above several. 0 is considered abnormal.

Our Urologist believed that the embrace my PSA level along with WBC’s may be due to a contamination in my prostatic gland, in addition to prescribed the 5 time course of anti-biotics, followed per week later through another PSA test. The 2nd PSA examination, instead of displaying a decreased degree of prostaglandin, revealed an increased stage from five. 9 to six. 6.

I actually scheduled any prostate biopsy which says I had malignancy in 25-30% of the sweat gland. My Urologist wanted to get rid of my prostatic gland, irradiate the area plus prescribed many rounds associated with chemotherapy. This individual also suggested a full entire body nuclear check to check for your possible distribute of tumor to my favorite bones along with other organs.

Within the interim, I had formed 3 surgical procedures to remove the actual Malignant Most cancers from very own eyebrow and also the Basal Cellular carcinomas coming from my backside.

I had a complete body check out (NMR) which often revealed some sort of lesion, the dimensions of a pine, in my remaining femur, thought to be a sarcoma.

My Oncologist confirmed the particular diagnosis and even wanted to take away two ins of this is my femur, perform a free ribs graft to change the dropped bone, band the bone tissue graft along with titanium dishes, then irradiate the area several times, followed by numerous courses of the chemotherapy.

I experienced that I awarded the cancers lottery. 4 different types of dangerous cancers at the same time. What was My spouse and i to do?

It had been late Nov, 2009, and i also am becoming urged simply by 4 various doctors to endure the traditional traditional western medical treatments regarding “cut, burn off and poison” therapy. Therefore i took a new poll of most of the physicians by simply asking all of them the same issue: “If you had been in my scenario, what could you do”?

This GP mentioned that he might have the surgical treatments, but not rays or radiation treatment. My Skin doctor said that he’d not have rays or the chemotherapy. My Urologist stated he would have their prostate glandular removed, however, not undergo rays or the radiation treatment. My Oncologist stated which he would have typically the surgery to get rid of the sarcoma. but not possess the radiation or even chemotherapy. That which was going on right here? Four medical experts who regularly prescribed chemo and radiotherapy, but may not follow the exact same protocols if they happen to have the same malignancies that I experienced. What hypocrites!

I nevertheless had numerous contacts within the medical area and arrived at out regarding multiple consultation services concerning our predicament, together with started exploring alternative, nontraditional treatments intended for cancer. I discovered a study which had polled 1200 Oncologists on whether or not they would the actual standard process of rays and the chemotherapy if they had been diagnosed with specific types of cancer tumor. Depending on the kind of cancer, among 85-91% in the Oncologist mentioned NO, which they, themselves will not use radiation treatment or the radiation to treat their very own cancers. THE REASON WHY? Radiation leads to cancer, as well as the the chemotherapy drugs tend to be carcinogenic, these people cause most cancers! Just see the warnings upon labels on the chemo medicines: WARNING: TOXIN; KNOWN TO TRIGGER CANCER WITHIN HUMAN BEINGS. Solution is even worse than the illness!

Then. within church, I had developed an epiphany. I knew that when I was to outlive these cancer that I would need to cure me personally using nontraditional, alternative treatments.

I discovered basic information about cancer tissues. These are cellular material that just refuse to pass away and keep proliferating, unchecked through the body, to create masses as well as lesions that will negatively impact vital cells and internal organs. Normal tissue die inside 3-4 times and are removed by the physique through the lymphatic system, your skin, the intestinal tract, the liver organ and the kidneys. Cancer is really a disease brought on by the defense systems’ failure to shut away and eliminate these discursive cells and also eliminate all of them from the human body.

I found that cancer skin cells feed on sugar which is created from the intake of processed sugars along with carbohydrates, in addition to drinking soda pops and sweetened fruit juices. With no supply of blood sugar, cancer microscopic cells have no meals source and can eventually expire, allowing immune system to treat these like regular dead units and get rid of them in the body.

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